To provide crop production services that increase yields and reduce costs, using customized programs, cutting-edge products, and the latest technology.

Central Iowa Agronomics was founded by Bob Streit in 2002. Bob is an expert in production and technology and provides a complete line of agronomy services, advising growers through the entire cropping season. These services include crop consulting; soil and tissue sampling; formulation of weed, insect and fertility management programs; and test trials using the latest products. Bob is a well-known and respected international speaker at conferences and workshops, speaking about healthy soils and healthy, nutrient dense crops. He provides custom scanning using the latest instruments and serves as an agronomy expert witness.

Central Iowa Agronomics carries an innovative line of wellness products to help remove toxins and repair damage to your body after exposures to heavy metals, industrial chemicals, fungal and bacterial mycotoxins, or pesticide residues.

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