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Rain slows the harvest

A few weeks ago it appeared that having the same problem with combine and field fires as in 2012 was going to become reality. Now after a huge and general front move through the state and much of the Midwest over the last weekend and drop two to five inches of rain those fears are greatly reduced.… Read more

Diacamba news, corn and soybean harvest

The year is now three-quarters over with as harvest gets a good start in northern areas and chugs on further south. This is usually a time to think back on the growing season and how things went very well and knowing that the chances of garnering a profit with the bushels you are putting into the bin now are high.Read more

Harvest season is upon us

The start of the harvest season has or will arrive at different parts of the state already. After one of the weirder growing seasons that was a mixture of extremes few people have a good handle on what to expect when they begin running the combines.

The very wet April and May was followed by very wet conditions in northeastern Iowa and by very sparse rainfall through June, July and August over the southwest three-quarters of the state.… Read more

Field Day Invitation

You won’t want to miss the “Show Me the Money” Field Day sponsored by Central Iowa Agronomy & Supply, Verdesian Life Sciences and BioDyne Midwest.

You asked to see the results and this field day is your chance to do just that. In some way we are all from the “Show Me” state and want to see the results in person.… Read more