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Hopes for an Indian summer

So how did everyone like this first taste of winter? A few different meteorologists have been predicting widely varying winter conditions. While one is saying the temps may drop and extreme degree after the first of November, others are saying the jet stream will pull in much warmer air and it will be mild and warmer through mid January.… Read more

2017 growing season has been strange

Years ago the Grateful Dead rock group out of San Francisco released an album entitled “What a long strange trip this has been.”

While we have yet to see how the last 2.5 months of the 2017 season turn out, a similar title could accurately describe this season. The planting season was delayed by cool and wet weather and so far the harvest season has been a waiting spell as well.… Read more

Rain slows the harvest

A few weeks ago it appeared that having the same problem with combine and field fires as in 2012 was going to become reality. Now after a huge and general front move through the state and much of the Midwest over the last weekend and drop two to five inches of rain those fears are greatly reduced.… Read more

Diacamba news, corn and soybean harvest

The year is now three-quarters over with as harvest gets a good start in northern areas and chugs on further south. This is usually a time to think back on the growing season and how things went very well and knowing that the chances of garnering a profit with the bushels you are putting into the bin now are high.Read more